Breaking Through (original music)

True Story (additional music)

Carrie (additional music)

Trouble with the Curve (additional music)

Bed and Breakfast (original music)

Major Movie Star (original music)

Underworld Evolution (additional music)

Grim Reaper (original music)

Psycho Hillbilly Cabin Massacre! (short)

I, Robot (orchestration)

Resident Evil (additional music)

Train Quest (original music)

Teen Task Force 2001 (original music)

Teen Sorcery (original music)


Six (original music)

The Originals (additional music)

Make It Or Break It (additional music)


November Man (additional music)

Snowpiercer (additional music)

Scream 4 (additional music)

Max Payne (additional music)

My Soul To Take (additional music)

Amusement (additional music)

Holla (original music)

Multiple Choice (short)

The Butcher (original music) 

Terminator 3 (orchestration)

The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest (additional music)

Scary Movie 2 (additional music)

The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes (original music)

Phantom Town (original music)


Lucifer (original music)

1864 (additional music)

The Practice (additional music)